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Stick-Framing vs. Component-Framing

Framing the American Dream conducted two controlled experiments to allow for apples-to-apples framing comparisons. In 1995, the project built two identical 2600 square foot, two-story houses. In 2015, two identical 2900 square foot ranch-style houses with a walk-out basements were framed side-by-side. The only difference between the two homes in both experiments was one house was entirely stick-framed, while the other home was framed using structural components, including roof trusses, wall panels and floor trusses.

As the time-lapse video below illustrates, there are a number of advantages to framing with structural components:

  • A crew can frame two and a half homes with structural components in the time it takes to stick frame one house.
  • It requires 25% more wood product to stick frame a structure than framing it with structural components.
  • Stick framing a house generates 30 times more jobsite waste than framing a house with structural components.