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Established in 1987, the MSR Lumber Producers Council (MSRLPC) represents the interests of machine stress rated lumber producers in the manufacturing, marketing, promotion, utilization, and technical aspects of MSR and MEL lumber. Including all the major MSR lumber producers in North America, the MSRLPC serves an industry that produces more than 1 billion board feet of MSR lumber annually in North America. Emphasizing its higher quality, longer spans, and better lifetime performance, we seek to promote the benefits of using MSR lumber and expand the markets for its use.

The MSRLPC invites all MSR lumber producers and equipment manufacturers to join as Regular members. Suppliers, customers, professionals and educational institutions may join as Associate members.


We hereby apply for membership in the MSR Lumber Producers Council. If admitted to membership, we will observe all provisions of its articles, dues and special assessments, and will actively support its policies, goals and programs.

Regular Members — Any proprietorship, firm, partnership or corporation engaged in the business of the manufacturing of Machine Stress Rated (MSR) lumber or Machine Evaluated Lumber (MEL) or MSR/MEL lumber production equipment.
Associate Members — Any proprietorship, firm, partnership, or corporation engaged in the wholesale marketing, transportation, or use and consumption of MSR or MEL; or grading agency or wood industry trade or marketing association dealing with MSR or MEL; or individual not actively connected with a proprietorship, firm, partnership or corporation which is eligible for membership as a Regular Member; or professional or educational institution.
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