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2023 MSR Annual Workshop

Begun in 1995, the MSR Workshop brings together members of the entire lumber supply chain, from production and grading to sales and distribution to end users, and offers a unique opportunity for participants to directly network and gain a broader perspective on the MSR market and opportunities for growth.

The 2023 MSR Workshop will be held April 26-28 in San Antonio, Texas. Read more about this year's Workshop as well as how this unique event has been a valuable experience for many over the past 20+ years:

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The San Antonio Skyline at dusk.

“If you’re a consumer of MSR, then it’s very valuable to be a part of this workshop. I learned more within the first hour than I had in ten years of MSR purchasing. It really helped me connect the dots about the grade.”

–Porter Clark, Owner, Hiwassee Builders Supply Inc.

Hotel Information

Hotel Valencia Riverwalk
150 East Houston St
San Antonio, TX 78205

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Hotel Cutoff Date is Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Things to do in San Antonio


Wednesday, 4/26

  • Golf Outing
  • Social Hour

Thursday, 4/27

  • Educational Sessions
  • Lunch
  • Tour - SOLD OUT
  • Social Hour
  • Group Dinner

Friday, 4/28

  • Educational Sessions

2023 Workshop Sessions

Riding the Rollercoaster: Understanding the North American Timber Market

Speaker: Crystal Gauvin, Forest Economic Advisors, LLC

Join FEA’s Crystal Gauvin to explore the ups and downs of timber supply and costs in North America. She will review recent trends and discuss expectations for the future.

FEA Senior Economist Crystal Gauvin has worked in the industry since 2008, previously specializing in forecasting housing, PB/MDF, and engineered lumber markets across North America. She is the primary author of FEA’s Lumber Market Status & Trends newsletter and is responsible for FEA’s Sawmill Profiles.

MSR Up Close: Analyzing Trends in the 2022 MSR Production Survey

Speaker: Crystal Gauvin, Forest Economic Advisors, LLC

Take a deep dive into the most recent MSR Production Survey with FEA’s Crystal Gauvin. Since the MSR Lumber Producers Council (MSRLPC) began tracking data in 1994, this annual production survey has become a valuable tool for both monitoring the progress of the industry in North America and promoting the use of MSR lumber worldwide.

FEA Senior Economist Crystal Gauvin has worked in the industry since 2008, previously specializing in forecasting housing, PB/MDF, and engineered lumber markets across North America. She is the primary author of FEA’s Lumber Market Status & Trends newsletter and is responsible for FEA’s Sawmill Profiles.

The Challenges of Sustainable Forestry: Procuring Logs in British Columbia

Speaker: Dan Macmaster, Vaagen Fibre Canada

Ninety-five percent of British Columbia (BC) is Crown land, owned by the people of BC and regulated by the provincial government, whose strict legal policies and procedures must be adhered to in order to harvest wood. Coupled with the fact that all of BC is on the unceded territories of Indigenous people, the ability to supply logs to a sawmill requires collaboration and strong relationships. Dan Macmaster will be discussing the unique process that British Columbian foresters go through to procure logs for sawmills and the importance of addressing multiple objectives when harvesting on Crown land.

After 15 years as a high school science teacher, Dan Macmaster began pursuing a career in forestry. He earned his Master's Degree in Sustainable Forest Management in 2013 and went to work for Vaagen as a Forester. In his current role as Vaagen’s Fibre Manager, he manages all forestry activities and procures logs for the sawmill. His involvement in the community and partnerships with First Nations are essential to the company’s commitment to sustainable forestry.

Shifting Dynamics: The Outcome of Recent Changes in Component Manufacturing

Panelists: Porter Clark, Hiwassee Builders Supply Inc. • Steve Szymanski, Drexel Building Supply • Joe Cranford, Sunpro Corporation

This panel of seasoned manufacturers will look at disruptions in the component manufacturing industry over the past three years and discuss how they have affected the industry and its use of lumber. The conversation will cover the effects of supply chain issues, continued advancements in automation, changing trends in the housing market, and the need to recognize the benefits of increased truss design optimization.

A third-generation component manufacturer from Athens, Tennessee, Porter Clark owns Hiwassee Builders Supply Inc. Steve Szymanski has almost 35 years of experience in the structural building component industry, with an emphasis in truss design and optimization. He currently works for Drexel Building Supply in Little Chute, Wisconsin. Joe Cranford is Location Manager for Sunpro Corporation in Lindon, UT. He has worked in the component manufacturing industry since 2013.

The Devil’s in the Details: Getting a Handle on Your Lumber Logistics

Speaker: Matt Ferguson, Wildwood Trading Group

Logistics is a staple of Matt Ferguson’s daily workload. Depending on the moment, his responsibilities can range from coordinating rail cars on the local short line and tracking rail shipments, to negotiating truck freight and managing inventory. This session will focus on the importance of logistical details, be they rail surcharges, fuel prices, seasonal rate changes, or trucking capabilities and truck trailer types. Matt will discuss a variety of issues that can affect your lumber logistics in both big and small ways, including emissions and the legislation behind it, the pros and cons of using a broker vs. owner operator, statistics on the trucking workforce, and more.

Matt Ferguson is the Operations Manager and a Western Regional Salesperson for Wildwood Trading Group, based in Tualatin, Oregon. He joined Wildwood as the saw team supervisor for the precision end cut-line installed at Wildwood’s Portland distribution facility. After developing standard operating procedures and training additional operating crews at multiple cut-line locations, Matt shifted roles to support the company’s logistics and operation needs at reload locations in Oregon, Washington, and California.

Global Lumber Market Overview: Tracking Trends Around the World

Speaker: Chris Leftis, Canfor

Get a 30,000-foot view of the global lumber market. Our speaker will cover a range of topics including the increase in European softwood shipments to the U.S., the state of offshore for North American producers, and global softwood lumber production trends. The session will conclude with a review of North American demand trends and an outlook on U.S. supply and demand dynamics through 2024.

Chris Leftis has been with Canfor since 2012 and currently serves as their Director of Marketing Intelligence. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from the College of Charleston and an MBA from Coastal Carolina University.

Workshop Roundtable: Unpacking Today’s Hot Topics

Moderator: Dan Uskoski, Metriguard Technologies, Inc.

Look for lively discussion on the most salient topics covered at the Workshop, along with conversation on other important issues including labor, technology, and cyber security. This session is a great way to recap and assimilate all of the valuable content from this year’s event.

With more than 36 years of experience in the industry, Dan Uskoski is Product and Projects Manager for Metriguard Technologies based in Pullman, Washington. Dan has been an active member of MSRLPC for 30 years and served as the organization’s president from 2009 to 2013.

Photo of the Hotel Valencia Riverwalk.

“This is the best small group of people in this particular industry that I know. There is plenty of opportunity to network and socialize. People feel comfortable discussing a broad range of topics, because it doesn’t feel like you’re ‘in public’.”

–Dan Uskoski, Metriguard

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