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Benefits of Using MSR Lumber

  • Strength
  • Confidence
  • Marketability
  • Less Inventory, Less Waste
  • Value


With MSR lumber, you can take advantage of higher strength values that provide greater design flexibility. This allows you to optimize the lumber used in your truss designs creating cost advantages and also provides clear span flexibility.


Every piece is tested and has certified strength and stiffness design properties. You can be confident that the properties you see are what you are getting.


Marketing your products as using machine stress rated lumber further demonstrates your commitment to quality.

Less Inventory, Less Waste

Every single piece of lumber can be used to the maximum. This allows you to turn your inventory faster and reduce your waste costs.

Today, it is imperative that as many aspects of life as possible utilize the most renewable resources available. Wood is one of the most renewable resources that can be used in a variety of applications. Machine graded lumber falls directly into this category as it is derived from timber that is grown, harvested and then replanted for future harvest. Lumber continues to be one of the world’s most renewable resources and continues to gain popularity in many world markets.


When you consider all of the benefits of using MSR lumber, the overall value is clear. MSR lumber will look better, perform better, optimize designs better and therefore optimize your cash best.

How To Specify Machine Graded Lumber

The correct specification for Machine Stress Rated lumber is simple. With MSR, strength and stiffness, rather than species, are the important factors which control the specification. To order, specify Machine Rated, grade stamped lumber and list the Stress value (Fb) and corresponding Modulus of Elasticity value (E), nominal sizes, lengths required and whether Green or K.D. (Kiln Dried). Species should only be specified when horizontal shear (Fv), compression perpendicular to grain (Fc⊥), or fastener design are the controlling factors.

In addition to MSR lumber, Machine Evaluated Lumber (MEL) is another form of machine graded lumber. An MEL grade stamp shows the allowable tension stress and, optionally, the allowable compression stress (if compression quality control testing is performed). MEL grades are specified by their “M” grade.

We Stress Quality

MSR lumber improves the performance and reliability of your engineered components and structures. MSR is the ONLY dimension lumber product subjected to mechanical property screening of every piece and per-shift QC strength and stiffness testing of production samples. MSR is produced under ALS and/or CLS approved grading agency QC and certification procedures.

MSR Lumber.

We Stress Quality

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